You Might As Well Change

The best advice I ever heard was given to someone else.

An acquaintance was 30 years old and regretting not finishing college. He wanted to earn his degree but thought he was too old.

A wise old man told him, “In two years, you’re going to be 32. You’re either going to be 32 with a degree or without one. Choose which 32 year old do you want to be?”

Time presses on. Tomorrow you’ll have one less day than you had the day before. In a month, those 30 days are gone forever.

Time is an artificial construct that measures change. We are moving through time. We are changing through time.

Tomorrow you will be a slightly different person than you are today. If you don’t believe me, eat 10,000 calories today.

Tomorrow you’ll wake up bloated and feeling sick.

Although we change daily, we don’t realize it because the change is subtle. If you have a good workout today, you won’t notice gains in the morning. Today’s workout won’t be noticed until several months from now.

Since you have no choice but to change, why not direct the change? Why not take control of the change? Why not change for the better?

To make permanent change, you need to develop one new habit (or eliminate one bad habit) at a time. Three or four weeks of daily practice is usually enough time to make the new habit permanent.

A change can be something game-related, or something that applies more broadly to your life. Perhaps you’ll promise to get one new phone number a day – every day, no matter what – for the next 30 days.

Here is my change: I am not a morning person. I look for every reason to stay in bed. As part of my job, I need to check email first thing in the morning. Yet checking work email often means cruising the web.

Two days ago I said, “You cannot look at anything on the Internet in the morning. Check your email. Make sure there aren’t any work emergencies. Then get ready for work.”

I’ve shaved 30 minutes off the time it takes me to get prepared for work. Whether this change will matter remains to be seen. But it’s a change that I will give a chance.

What will your change be?

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