Top 10 Attempts to Use the Supernatural to Win Wars

By Jeff Kelly

Anyone who has sat through a course on medieval history knows that there was once a time when people believed in the power of magic, as a tool that could be used to crush their enemies. Eventually people realized how silly such ideas were—and ultimately, magic on the battlefield became limited to nerds LARPing around a local park, the only real magic employed being a powerful anti-coitus charm.

Or so at least you would think. Here are ten real cases of modern governments that tried to harness magic in order to win real wars.

10. John Mulholland and the CIA
9. Mexico, Drugs, and Voodoo
8. Houdini the Spy
7. Britain and the Fake Horoscopes
6. Britain’s Psychic Defense
5. Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin Puts Down a Revolt
4. The Nazi Quest for the Holy Grail
3. Soviet Psychokinesis
2. Jasper Maskelyne and the Suez Canal
1. The US Stargate Project

Read the details on all these bizarre stories at Listverse…

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