The Magic Key of All True Wealth

Excerpt from  How To Program Your Mind For Wealth

Gratitude is the magic key of all true wealth. You are not wealthy if you have ten million dollars in the bank but spend all of your energy worrying about how to protect it from others, or how to protect yourself from losing it. You are abundantly wealthy when you realize that your daily needs are met, and you take great pleasure in the simple experience of being alive.

As I have stated before, in order to attract your goals to you more quickly you must feel as strongly as you are able that your goals are already a reality for you. Act the way you would act if all of your desires were already met. Feel the way you would feel if you had successfully accomplished all of your goals. These emotions set in motion the events necessary for your development. Gratitude is the key emotion for setting in motion the experience of prosperity in your life.

Today, you must allow yourself to feel true gratitude for everything that is positive in your life. Give thanks for your friends and the people you love. Give thanks for the food you eat. Give thanks for your health, your sanity, and your ability to grow and learn. Be grateful for all of the simple little things that you completely take for granted but would sorely miss if they were taken from you.

As well, feel grateful for all of the wealth that you already possess, and feel grateful that you are learning psychological principles that will greatly enhance your ability to attract wealth into your life from now on. If you honestly cannot generate a positive feeling of gratitude, ask yourself this question: What could I feel grateful for if I wanted to? Ask this question and your brain will come up with an answer.

From now on, whenever you spend your money, do it gratefully. Be grateful that you have money to spend, even if you feel poor. Be grateful that you have food to eat. Be grateful that you have a warm bed to sleep in tonight. Gratitude is the single most important step to developing prosperity consciousness. Practice feeling gratitude whenever you get the chance.

Take five minutes right now and feel the truth of these words:


TAKE ACTION: For five minutes, write down anything and everything you have to be grateful for. Write down all of the things that are truly special in your life, and all the simple things that you should appreciate on a daily basis, such as “all my limbs work,” or “I am not in jail,” or “I have hot running water.” You can easily come up with a hundred or more things to be grateful for. Look at this list a few times in the next 24 hours and let it fill you with gratitude. It is always wise to give thanks for the simple pleasures in your life that you usually take for granted.

“We seldom think of what we have but always of what we lack.” –Schopenhauer

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    Cool stuff to know.

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    I am truly grateful for this article and all of those who are involved in producing it. Gratitude Power has changed my life and its due to God and great people like you!!!! God bless you……..and know that you have made a wonderful difference in my life!!