How to Get Whatever You Want

Excerpt from  How To Program Your Mind For Wealth

All my life I have been obsessed with learning how we can change our reality with the creative power of our minds. I’ve studied dozens of experts, read hundreds of books, and spent thousands of dollars in this quest. Through all of my experimentation, I’ve discovered that there are five simple core principles at the heart of the creation process.

In this short article, I have tried to make this knowledge as simple as humanly possible. I want every single person reading this to be able to take this information and use it, easily and quickly. Here then, is the most simple possible explanation of the power of your creative energy. Follow these five steps, and any goal can be yours.


Yes, it seems so obvious, doesn’t it? You must know what you want in order to get what you want. Yet this most basic fist step is missed by the majority of people. You must know what you want as specifically as possible. This is the magic first step.

Daydreaming about your future will not bring you what you want. Waiting for life to work out the way you’ve always expected won’t bring you what you want. The only way to get what you want is to decide, with clarity and focus, exactly what you want to create.

So how do you know what you want? Well, it’s very simple. Write down your desires, your dreams, and everything that you want for your life. Then pick the one thing on your list that you know you could accomplish if you dedicated some energy to it. Pick that one and forget about the rest. Pick the very next goal in the creation of your live and go for it.

Focus, focus, focus. Don’t waste your energy wishing and dreaming for a million and one things. Pick one and go with it. Just as the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so does the journey to your ideal life begin with a single goal.

So begin with an easy, do-able goal, so far unaccomplished, plug it into this 5-step system. Write down as specifically and exactly what it is you will create. After it’s finished, move on to the next goal.


You must give positive focus, energy, and attention to your goal. Setting a goal and then forgetting about it will not do. You must imprint it on your conscious and subconscious mind until it becomes reality.

Remember, thought is blindingly fast compared to the manifestation of thoughts into reality. Of course, as you practice this system and become more confident, your thoughts will come into reality much more quickly. But as a beginner, you must keep your energy and intention directly on your goal.

You must focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Stop complaining about things that are not the way you want them to be. Instead, decide how you would like them to be and focus on that. Whenever you find yourself giving attention to some area of your life with which you are unhappy, immediately ask yourself “What do I want in this situation?” and focus on the answer.

Take a look at your goal every day, give it positive focus and attention. Before you fall asleep and after you wake up, instead of worrying about your problems, imagine your goal successfully attained, and feel how you would feel if your goal was accomplished. Go to sleep with this feeling, and your subconscious mind will quickly find a way to bring it into your reality.


You must take action towards your goal, and you must take action right now! There is no other time that you can act. The past is gone, the future is an illusion. Making plans to take action is not action. You must take action right now.

There is always something that you can do to propel you towards your goal. It doesn’t matter how tiny the action is, or how insignificant you might feel it is, you must do it. There is always some small step you can take. Take that step.

You must convince your subconscious mind that you are serious about accomplishing your goal, and there is nothing more convincing than taking action.

No matter where you are along your path to your goal, no matter how near or far you might feel to be, there is always an obvious next step you can take. Take that step in this present moment. Right now.

If you have trouble figuring out what to do, or are paralyzed into inaction because it seems there are too many things to do, just do this: Make a list of all the things that need to happen in order for your goal to arrive. List all the intermediary steps that you will experience as your goal begins to enter your life.

Somewhere on this list will be the obvious next step. Do it. Do it now!

If your goal is truly out of your hands, you need a new goal. Waiting for other people to change or give you what you want is a sure way to always be unsatisfied. You must pick a goal you are in control of and do whatever it takes to make it come true. That is the only path to power and mastery in life, and the only way to ever feel fulfilled.


You must be consistent. You must, consistently, choose the same goal every day until your goal is accomplished. You cannot send out constantly changing vague wishes into the universe and expect to create results in the real world.

It’s as simple as ordering a meal in a restaurant. You must decide what you want and then ask for it. If you can’t make up your mind the waiter will simply serve someone else until you’re ready. If you do not provide the universe with a specific goal which you consistently ake action toward, your “meal” will never come to you.

And the most important secret of all, step 5:


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