The Digital Drug that gives an All-Natural High

All Natural High is an audio recording, which uses special sounds to help shift your brainwave patterns – recreating states of euphoria, excitement and mental agility.

Let’s take a look at why this happens, and the science behind it.

In the 1830s, scientists discovered that by playing certain frequencies through the ears, the brain “followed” those frequencies. This is a powerful process known as “brainwave entrainment.”

By changing your brainwave frequencies, you could change your state – encouraging focus, creativity, sleep, or mood improvement, for example.

The problem was that the human ear can only hear frequencies of around 20Hz to 20,000Hz – whereas the vast majority of ‘useful’ human brainwave frequencies exist at 0.1Hz to 20Hz.

That’s when scientists did something really clever. They decided to play one frequency into the left ear (ie, 400Hz), and another into the right ear (ie, 410Hz).

The noises cancelled each other out and recreated the difference inside the brain (ie, 10Hz).
The brain then followed (or entrained) toward this frequency, and brought about the exact state of mind desired – such as deep focus.

Going beyond binaural beats

This was the scientific validation of “binaural beats,” the first true brainwave entrainment method. Originally suggested in the 1830s, it was scientifically verified by EEG machines in the 1950s.

Since then, many other methods of brainwave entrainment have been discovered – including monaural beats, hamonic box X beats, and most powerfully, isochronic tones, typically regarded as the most potent entrainment methods availabl.

The most powerful brainwave entrainment sessions typically incorporate several entrainment techniques into each session, in order to produce the strongest results, as with All Natural High.

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