How to Protect Yourself from the Negativity of Others

Excerpt from  How To Program Your Mind For Wealth

You have taken it upon yourself to grow as a human being. Inevitably you will face resistance, or the appearance of resistance, in the form of negative people and negative self-talk from your mind.


Avoid negative people and situations. Do not allow anyone the opportunity to douse their negative energy on you as you try to evolve. It is not necessary to explain to anybody where your new mental attitude is coming from, or where the cash is flowing from, unless they are completely supportive and genuinely interested.

Do not argue or defend your new ideas to anyone! Ignore them, and get away from anybody who cannot understand the psychological principles you are learning in this program. This is the easy part.

You must also banish the negative self-talk that incessantly occurs in your mind. Replace all negativity, criticism and self-doubt with an honest belief in your ability to change anything in your life.

You do not have to pretend that you do not have problems, or that things do not always go smoothly, but you must realize that you have the ability to solve any of your problems, and the potential to attain all of your goals. This is not blind hope, but literal fact.

The easiest way to banish negativity from your life is to have an optimistic view towards the future. Perhaps your past has been filled with negativity and pain, but there is no reason to drag this pain with you as you grow older. You have the power to make you life a positive expression of your spirit. Realize that you have the power to change anything in your life with which you are unsatisfied. This knowledge will give you the strength to go beyond the negativity we are all surrounded by. Also, with positivity and optimism, it is much easier to turn your problems into opportunities for growth.

Take five minutes right now and feel the truth of these words:


TAKE ACTION: Optimism for the future is the easiest shortcut to banish negativity. Today, create for yourself a simple, short statement of positivity that you can repeat to yourself whenever you feel doubt, or fear, or anger. A good example is “I am healthy, wealthy, and wise,” or “Everyday, in every way, I am getting better and better,” or simply “Everything is going my way.” Find a statement that you are comfortable with and apply it throughout your day.

“Without doubt, the most common weakness of all human beings is the habit of leaving their minds open to the negative influence of other people.” — Napoleon Hill

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You Are Always in the Right Place at the Right Time

Excerpt from  How To Program Your Mind For Wealth

In order to attract substantial amounts of wealth into your life you obviously must be open to receiving this wealth. You also must be open to the idea that any situation you encounter may offer you a money-making opportunity, and that any person you meet may open a creative opportunity for you, or spark an idea in your mind that can be turned into a lucrative enterprise.

You must be constantly alert for ways in which you can use your energy to attract more wealth into your life. This means being always willing to learn, and always expecting to find fulfilling ways to earn money.

Develop your feelings of expectation to such a degree that in every situation you encounter and in every conversation you have you will expect to learn something new, develop a new idea, or in some way enrich your life.

Living your life in this manner will open you up not only to a more abundant lifestyle, but also a more enjoyable one. When you go through each day’s experiences constantly open to the possibilities that surround you, your mind automatically becomes calmer, more focused, and better able to bring to you the experiences you desire.

A simple way to be open to the goodness within all experience is to assume that you are always in the right place at the right time, and that when a creative idea comes you will be psychologically prepared to accept it and physically prepared to act upon it. In this way you can make any of your daily experiences more rewarding.

An extremely useful habit to begin is to develop this sense of openness and expectation first thing in the morning when you awaken. Simply ask yourself “what will happen today that is truly great”, or some similar question that fills you with an optimistic attitude towards the events you will encounter each day.

Assuming that something exciting will happen will automatically kick-start your day in a positive direction, and guarantee more fulfilling experiences in your life.

Take five minutes right now and feel the truth of these words:


TAKE ACTION: Throughout the next 24 hours, make it a point to be aware of anything new you hear that may open a financial opportunity. Decide, right now, to be aware of anything useful to your psychological development. Spend a few minutes right now to prepare yourself for the ideas that will come to you in the next 24 hours. Also, remember to ask yourself the question “what will happen today that is truly great,” and honestly expect that something great will happen.

“There is only one admirable form of the imagination: the imagination that is so intense that it creates a new reality, that it makes things happen, whether it be a political thing or a social thing or a work of art.” –Sean O’Faolain

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There Is Always Enough Money to Meet Your Needs

Excerpt from  How To Program Your Mind For Wealth

Throughout this prosperity program I have been trying to impress upon you the truth that money is simply the physical symbol of your creative energy. Therefore, if you expend most of your energy at a lifeless job which drains your spirit, you will inevitably feel overwhelmed by a sense of lack.

If, however, you constantly strive to generate positive creative energy in your life, and you are constantly seeking outlets for this energy in income generating endeavors, you will naturally increase the amount of abundance in your life.

The key, again, is to not seek money in its physical form, but to seek the feelings of abundance and prosperity and to feel these intensely in your life. After all, as I have already stated, if you have ten million dollars but your psyche is filled with fear and strife you are not wealthy. On the other hand, you do not need a single penny in order to live your life with exuberance and gratitude. The wonderful truth that you are now learning is that by establishing these emotions first, you will naturally, effortlessly, generate all of the physical money that you will ever need.

In the next few lessons, you will be learning to use small physical gestures to convince your mind of your understanding of the symbolic nature of money. For today, do this: put some money away somewhere, into a savings account, or in a piggy bank, or wherever you want, and consciously decide that you will not spend this money on anything that you consider a necessity. It does not matter how tiny a sum of money it is, or how large, but you must decide that from now on you will have enough money to meet the basic needs of your life, and so you can freely put away money for some extravagance in the future.

This money will also become a magnet for more money, for knowing that you always have some small sum put away will help draw cash to you. You want simply to feel that there is more than enough, and that not every dime you earn needs to be eaten up by daily life. Symbolically, by convincing your mind that you have more than enough, you will have more than enough!

Take five minutes right now and feel the truth of these words:


TAKE ACTION: Simply follow through with the actions outlined above. Decide how much money you will put away, and where you will put it. Do this now, and promise yourself that you will not spend this money on necessities. There is always enough money to meet the basic needs of your life!

“Failure is, in a sense, the highway to success, inasmuch as every discovery of what is false leads us to seek earnestly after what is true, and every fresh experience points out some form of error which we shall afterward carefully avoid.” –John Keats

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Free Video: Daydream Your Way to Everything You Want

Free Interview with Bob Proctor courtesy of Mind Movies 2.0

Time and time again I hear from good people who are fed up, frustrated, and just plain discouraged about their ability to reliably manifest what they want in life.

Do you ever feel like that?

If so, you’re not alone. And even if you’ve gotten your brain wrapped around the concept of the Law of Attraction and are whole-hearted in your manifesting efforts—you still may have the nagging feeling you’re not quite hitting with all cylinders.

That’s why I’d suggest you take a few minutes to watch this…

FREE VIDEO: How To Multiply Your Manifesting Power

For one thing, you’ll hear from none other than Bob Proctor—one of the key people from The Secret. Bob has been at this a long time—decades in fact—and he’s pretty much got the whole visualization thing dialed in.

One of the things Bob talks about are some of the most common misconceptions about visualization, and boy can I relate. I remember when I first began exploring the Law of Attraction. I pretty much made ALL of these mistakes!

For example…

1.You make some effort to practice visualizations for a few days—but nothing happens. So you decide it’s a waste of time and stop. And guess what? Nothing happens. Duh.

2. You think you have to spend hours every day intensely focused on the things you want most. You settle down in the Lazy Boy and have at it—and you either fall asleep, get a pounding headache, or start thinking about a problem you’re having at work. What a hassle—no wonder you’ve given up!

3. You’ve painstakingly glued a vision board together and you stare at it every day. You don’t want anyone to know this, but you’re bored. This whole activity is dull as dust and you don’t feel much of anything except distracted.

4. You’re not completely sure visualization will work—so you figure it’s not worth trying unless you are 100% certain something wonderful will happen. In fact, you’ve perfected “why bother” into an art form. Any of these things sound familiar?

Well here’s the good news…

Bob’s Got The Answers—And It Will Change Your Life

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from this video…

“Even if you don’t believe in it—do it anyway. My attitude is: if your way isn’t working, try mine. I’m doing all right. I’m healthy, happy, and I’m wealthy. I earn more money in one hour than I used to in twenty years. So I must know something. And I know that this works.”  –Bob Proctor

I sincerely hope you find this as encouraging as I do—because the thing is, even if you’re not sure visualization will work for you and result in successful manifesting—just do it! Give it a try and see what happens.

But not for just a day or two—or even a week or two. What you’ve got to do is make the commitment to spend a few minutes on this every single day—and I do mean EVERY DAY!

Maybe even morning and night—but consistently make the effort. Because according to Bob (and he should know!) it’s the REPETITION of your visualizations that add up to a grand slam eventually. He explains it all so clearly and much better than I ever could.

But it has to do with the repetition creating a new frequency—a new vibration that then changes your actions—and then opens the door to what you want being attracted into your life.

Make sense? You bet it does! And no worries about how to wedge it into your schedule, because you don’t have to spend a lot of time on it either. Just a few minutes a day will do it IF you do it the right way.

All you have to do is follow the simple strategy Bob explains in this video. It’s easy. And when you do, here’s what happens…

You Become A Powerful Manifesting Magnet

It’s exciting and it’s totally achievable with a very simple shift in your thinking and actions—believe me, I’ve personally experienced how powerful this is and it is truly the key to creating your most perfect destiny.

I don’t want to give away all the goods here—so just take a minute and watch the video OK? In the next ten minutes you could literally have the keys to the kingdom.

Download the Free Video with Bob Proctor here…

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How to Become a Powerful Source of Good

Excerpt from  How To Program Your Mind For Wealth

I hope that I have impressed upon you the truth that you are in full control of the direction of your life. Through the power of your thoughts you literally create the experiences of your life. This is an incredibly liberating state of mind, but also one that entails a great deal of responsibility.

You must realize that you are personally responsible for every aspect of your experience: the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. It is you, and only you, who has chosen to use your mind in whichever way you have in order to create your experiences. Obviously you had a lot of help learning how to accept limiting beliefs from your parents, your relatives, your educators, your friends and enemies. But ultimately, you have always been free to accept any belief you wish.

So you must stop blaming anybody, or any outside circumstances, for anything in your life with which you are unhappy. And you must stop blaming yourself.

All that is necessary is to purposefully change those aspects of your life with which you are unhappy. Instead of asking “why is this not better?” ask “how can I make this better?” Take responsibility for your life, your wealth, and your happiness. Decide to make it better.

Do not believe that wealth will free you from responsibility. As a person who understands the power of properly directed conscious focus, you are in a unique position to help those all around you who are victims of their
own misguided energy. You are doubly responsible to share of your unique spirit to make our planet a more hospitable place. With your wealth, and with your creativity, you owe it to all of humanity to accept the challenge of improving circumstances that are not to your liking. Be bold. Be daring. Accept the infinite wealth of the intelligent universe, and accept the responsibility that comes with wealth. With this attitude you can be a truly powerful source of good on this planet.

Take five minutes right now and feel the truth of these words:


TAKE ACTION: What is one thing about your life, or about the life of somebody you are close to, or about the lives of people in general, which you would like to see improved? Today, find one thing with which you are unsatisfied, and ask yourself the question: “How can I make this better?” Today, take one action, no matter how small, towards improving your life or the life of somebody else. Decide upon one constructive action and do it today.

“He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.” –Lao-Tzu

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‘Hypnotist’ Thief Robs Cashiers

Italian police have issued video footage of a man who has been hypnotizing supermarket checkout staff and getting them to hand over the cash.

In every case, according to reports, the last thing staff remember is a man leaning over and saying ‘Look into my eyes’ before suddenly finding the till is empty.

The cashier who was shown the video footage reportedly has no memory of the incident. She only realised what had happened when she saw the money missing.

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Money Will Not Make You Happy, But Happiness Will Make You Money

Excerpt from  How To Program Your Mind For Wealth

If you expect to be happy with your money, you must realize that it is not money that will make you happy. It is only your enthusiasm, your energy, your hope, and your love that will truly satisfy you. You want to live your life with a certain level of power and control, with true passion, and from this energy money will flow to you. It is vital not to view money as the key to your happiness, but as a side-effect of your happiness. If you are truly enjoying life, and doing what you wish, money will effortlessly flow to you. Most of the exercises in this book have been leading you in this direction.

Today, as we near the end of this program, I would like to reiterate those emotions which can help you feel joy in your life regardless of financial conditions.

Once again, the most important emotion you can develop is that of gratitude. The key to prosperity consciousness is to feel grateful for all that you already have, and all that you have to look forward to. By properly putting things in perspective, it is easy to realize that we have much more to be grateful for than to be bitter about.

The most obvious way to gain perspective is to appreciate any moment in your life that is not filled with tragedy. Obviously, tragic circumstances enter each of our lives at some point, but these are usually few and far between, and we can usually grieve healthfully and move on. Most days, however, are remarkably lacking in surprises. Life is usually so predictable that we fall into the trap of complacency.

The trick of perspective allows us to be thrilled with the monotony of life. Any day that none of your friends or relatives die is a great day. Any day that you are not paralyzed in a freak accident is a phenomenal day. Any day that you are not rushed to the hospital with a mysterious disease is a wonderful day. This may sound simplistic, or stupid, but with an attitude that realizes that misfortune can fall upon you, 99 percent of your days will be filled with thanks that nothing extraordinary has happened. Perspective is the\ easiest short cut to gratitude, and gratitude is the easiest shortcut to wealth.

Take five minutes right now and feel the truth of these words:


TAKE ACTION: Reread your list of things for which you can give thanks that you developed on Day 16. Today, add to this list all the things that you do not yet have, but will soon have due to your new mental attitude. Give thanks now for all the future happiness that you will experience. Feel the emotions of hope and optimism.

“There are two things to aim at in life: first, to get what you want; and, after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second.” –Logan Pearsall Smith

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Opportunities Are Everywhere

Excerpt from  How To Program Your Mind For Wealth

Opportunities are everywhere. If fantastic wealth is what you want, you could not have chosen a better time in the history of our planet to be alive. There are billions of people alive today who will gladly pay money to have their needs fulfilled. You simply need to fill a need for a tiny percentage of the population and financial freedom is yours. Simple? It’s never been easier.

Today I would like you to begin to program your mind to always be aware of money-making opportunities. Anything you read, or watch on TV, or learn in a conversation can be turned into a source of income for you if that’s what you desire.

If you honestly open your mind to the idea that money-making ideas are all around you, you will be amazed that you
never noticed them before. Simple expectation is all that is necessary for your mind to easily find opportunity in your everyday life. The truth is that your brain can find a solution to any question you ask it. By focusing on a search for opportunity, you will find opportunity.

This is your exercise for the next 24 hours. Try to imagine how you could, if you wanted to, use your creative energy to create wealth for your life. Try to come up with five or ten or more ideas for creating income in your life. Whether or not you have any intention whatsoever of following through with any of these ideas, this exercise is simply to awaken in your mind the ability to think of income generating opportunities.

The point is that you need only one good idea to change your financial life, so if you are constantly on the lookout, and open to new ideas, you will inevitably strike upon one idea that truly inspires you, and allows you to use your creative energy to attain financial prosperity. So right now, write down three ideas you have for making money. If you can’t think of any, make them up. And over the next 24 hours, come up with five or ten more income-generating ideas. And always remember that opportunities are everywhere.

Take five minutes right now and feel the truth of these words:


TAKE ACTION: Simply write down a minimum of three income-generating ideas in your prosperity journal. If you can think of five or ten, great! Commit to remaining open and aware to any and all opportunities that come your way in the next 24 hours.

“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.” –Somerset Maugham

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