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Life Is Just An Amusement Ride

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The Brain Sees What It Is Programmed to See

By Zen Gardner The brain is a hunk of flesh. Amazing transceiver, but working on the fleshly side, like our bodies. It interprets. It is not spirit, it is alive but not life. It is not perception, in any way, … Continue reading

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How to Switch Dimensions

By Steve Pavlina When I want to make a significant change in my life, I often think of it in terms of switching dimensions. My attention is focused on my current reality right now, and my desired situation can be … Continue reading

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The Greatest Secret of Modern Science

There is one all-important truth that you must accept if you wish to develop on the path to prosperity. You must discard the modern scientific idea that the physical universe is a meaningless, uncaring, random machine, and that human consciousness … Continue reading

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